Who Owns Ascent Global Logistics?

Ascent Global Logistics, an independent operating company of Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. (NYSE: RRTS), has recognized four team members for outstanding achievement, innovation-driven performance and steadfast commitment to excellence with its annual Everest Award.

Is ascent global logistics publicly traded?

In connection with the transaction, Roadrunner will provide to its stockholders and make available on its website an Information Statement that will contain additional information about Ascent and the transaction. Additionally, the equity of Ascent is not expected to be publicly traded.

What companies does Roadrunner own?

The spin-off creates two independent companies: Roadrunner Transportation Systems, Inc. – a national less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier – and Ascent Global Logistics, Inc. (“Ascent”) – a diversified global logistics provider.

Who bought Roadrunner Transportation?

Roadrunner Transportation Systems has sold its intermodal business to Universal Logistics Holdings for $51.25 million in cash, the company announced Nov.

Is Roadrunner email still available?

The Roadrunner email service is still in use but is now known as Spectrum Webmail.

Is Roadrunner transport a good company?

Road Runner Auto Transport is rated #1 trusted car shipping company by customers. Experienced and professional staff work around the clock to ensure each customer has a positive shipping experience.

Is Rich Logistics going out of business?

Rich Logistics is no longer closed doors.

Who owns Roadrunner Internet?

Road Runner, which takes its name from the fleet-footed, beep-beeping bird of cartoon fame, is a 200- employee joint venture of Time Warner and MediaOne, two of the three largest cable operators in the nation. The privately held firm is also partly owned by Microsoft Corp.

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Is RoadRunner part of Spectrum?

In 2012, the Road Runner brand name was retired and replaced with the Time Warner Cable brand name. Charter Communications acquired TWC in 2016 and the service is now known as Spectrum Internet. It currently has approximately 9 million mailboxes.

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