Who Is Logistics Health?

Logistics Health, Inc. provides health care solutions to government and commercial organizations. The Company offers hiring, staffing, monitoring, training, data processing, kitting and distribution, employee readiness, and record-keeping services.

Is LHI associated with the VA?

Under the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) Medical Disability Examinations (MDE) contract, LHI assists the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in providing quality compensation and pension examinations to Veterans and separating Service members seeking benefits for service-connected health issues.

Who is LHI for the VA?

Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI) is a part of OptumServe, the federal health services business of Optum and UnitedHealth Group. Equipped with a national network of medical, dental and behavioral health providers, LHI designs and manages health programs for government and commercial customers.

Who owns LHI care?

Today, LHI is the federal health services business of both Optum and UnitedHealth Group (NYSE: UNH). It brings together the vast resources and clinical insights of UnitedHealthcare’s unique health services, along with the innovation, technology and scalability of Optum.

Does Optum own LHI?

LHI is a subsidiary of OptumServe, the federal health services business of Optum and UnitedHealth Group.

What does a VA C&P exam consist of?

While there will be no physical exam during your C&P appointment, there will be a physical assessment. This is just a series of questions and observations the examiner makes based on your condition. The medical examiner will use the information they gather to fill out your medical report to submit to the VA.

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What is a VA ACE exam?

The backlog accelerated the VA’s use of Acceptable Clinical Evidence (ACE) examinations, first introduced in 2013. [1] VBA ordered refresher training for its disability claims processors, focusing on the identification of medical records that would allow decisions to be made with the ACE process.

What company does VA exams?

The Medical Disability Program Office (MDEO) administers the Medical Disability Exam (MDE) contract program. MDEO contracts allow vendors to provide examinations to Veterans and service members who are seeking disability benefits from VA.

What do I say to the VA for PTSD?

Write very clearly, or type on a computer if you can. Describe the traumatic events in the order that they happened. Tell where the event happened, what unit you were in at the time, and when it happened (as best you can). Provide as much detail as you can and also describe the feelings you had about what happened.

What does LHI stand for VA?

Logistics Health Incorporated (LHI), part of OptumServe, supports 45 VBA Regional Offices in 41 states by providing compensation and pension examinations.

Is LHI a non profit?

LHI Terms and Conditions Lifting Hands International (LHI) is an impact-focused 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing clear and meaningful ways for you, your family, and your community to help refugees at home and abroad.

Is LHI a private company?

(LHI) is an outsourced network provider to the U.S. government and private sector clients. LHI offers a network of private healthcare providers to insure the medical readiness of U.S. military reserves. LHI is now a subsidiary of United Health (UNH).

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