What Does Marine Officer Logistics Mos?

Logistics/embarkation specialists—Military Occupational Specialty 0431—are charged with preparing supplies and equipment for embarkation. These marines perform various force deployment planning and execution functions to support the movement of people and goods across all modes of military transportation.

What is a logistics officer in the Marines?

A logistics officer is a member of an armed force or coast guard responsible for overseeing the support of an army, air force, marine corps, navy or coast guard fleet, both at home and abroad. The responsibilities of Logistics Officers vary, depending on where they are deployed and what tasks they are assigned.

What is a MOS 5811?

MOS 5811 is the designation for Marines who are military police officers.

What is 8014 MOS USMC?

Note 1: MOS 8014 = Any enlisted Marine MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise. MOS 8006 & 8007 = Any unrestricted Commissioned officer MOS can fill the billet unless notes say otherwise.

Do Marine officers have an MOS?

The Marine officer MOS is similar to the enlisted MOS and are grouped into different occupational fields (the first two digits) and then by a specific job in that field (the last two digits). Most officers go into their Basic School with a basic MOS, and once you finish the course, you will get the advanced MOS.

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What are the roles of logistics officer?

While the context may vary, the Logistics Officer is typically in charge of managing the proper set up / rehabilitation / running of base premises (office / guest house), ensures the proper functioning of supply chain including procurement planning, purchasing of goods and services, their transport and storage,

What rank is a logistics officer?

Qualified civilians and former service members may now apply for direct appointment as a logistics officer in the U.S. Army’s Logistics Branch for the rank of Captain through Colonel, depending on a thorough review and calculation of relevant education, training, certifications, and work experience.

What is an e8 in the Marine Corps?

Master sergeants (E-8) and master gunnery sergeants (E-9) provide technical leadership as occupational specialists in their specific MOS. The sergeant major of the Marine Corps is the senior enlisted Marine of the entire Marine Corps, personally selected by the commandant.

How do you become a MOS 5811?

Job Requirements

  1. Must possess a GT score of 100 or higher (not waivable).
  2. Training and certification:
  3. Must be eligible for a secret security clearance.
  4. Must have normal color vision (not waivable).
  5. Must be 19 years old prior to completion of formal school (not waivable).

What Mos is dog handler?

Army COOL Summary – MOS 31K – Working Dog Handler.

What is a basic marine MOS?

MOS 8011 — Basic Marine with Enlistment Guarantee Job Description: A Marine whose military qualifications and experience are not developed to be sufficient or adequate for qualification in other MOSs.

What is 0321 in the USMC?

0321 USMC is a military occupational specialty code (MOS) in the United States Marine Corps. Specifically, it represents Marines in the Marine reconnaissance (recon) specialty.

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What is the best MOS in the Marines?

10 Best Marine Jobs That Transfer To Civilian Careers

  • Cryptologic Digital Network Tech (MOS 2611)
  • Avionics Maintenance Chief (MOS 6391)
  • Marine Cybersecurity Technician (MOS 0688)
  • Marine Counter Intelligence / Human Intelligence (MOS 0211)
  • Marine Logistics / Mobility Chief (MOS 0491)

What MOS is Marine recon?

Force RECON is overseen directly by the Marine Corps. Recon Marines have a military occupation specialty code of 0321.

How long is Marine officer MOS training?

OCC is a 10-week commissioning program in Quantico, VA for college seniors and graduates interested in earning the title as a United States Marine Officer. Upon completion, newly commissioned Marine Officers will begin active duty at The Basic School (TBS) as Second Lieutenants.

What is the largest MOS in the Marine Corps?

The largest MOS, field radio operator, is also the one with the greatest gender restrictions.

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