Readers ask: What Are The Personal Logistics Slots For Factorio?

Character logistic slots allows the player to order items from the Logistic network. This works exactly like the Requester chest. The requested items will be delivered by the Logistic robots, as long as the character is inside a logistic network.

How do logistics chests work Factorio?

Logistic chest: Stores items currently not requested. Can be filtered to only store one type of item. Supplies stored items to the Logistic network. Logistic chest: Will be filled by logistic robots until the configured amount is reached, or the chest becomes full.

How do you request items in Factorio?

When you take blueprint (or book with active blueprint) in your cursor, mod buttons appear in the top GUI – now you can quickly request as many items as many times you want to build the blueprint. Input multiplier if needed (1 by default). Click “=” or “+” button. Wait until your robots bring requested items.

How do Roboports work Factorio?

The roboport is the resting place for all construction robots and logistic robots. It emits an area of 50×50 tiles, in which logistic robots can interact with logistic network entities, such as storage chests, or requester chests.

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How do storage chests work Factorio?

The storage chest is a large advanced storage item that is part of the logistic network. Logistic robots store any items taken out of the player’s logistic trash slots here, as well as items picked up from active provider chests. Construction robots will use stored items to repair damaged entities and construct ghosts.

How do you get the requester chest in Factorio?

By using SHIFT + Right mouse button and SHIFT + Left mouse button to copy-paste a recipe from an assembling machine to a requester chest, the requester chest is automatically configured to request enough ingredients for 30 seconds of continuous crafting.

How do you connect Roboports?

You can connect isolated roboports thousands of tiles away from each other by using the circuit network, a few combinators, big power poles, and a train. The train is necessary to physically move robots or supplies over large distances because robots have limited range.

Are there boats in Factorio?

The Ships are remodelled cargo wagons pushed by invisible locomotives (ship engine). Automatic routes can be set when selecting the ship engine.

Do beacons stack Factorio?

Overall effect stacks with multiple beacons covering the same machine. However, a beacon allows transmitting the effect of a module to multiple machines and the effect of all beacons in range of a single machine stacks.

How do buffer chests work?

The buffer chest functions as an “in-between” chest for ferrying items from provider chests to the player, construction robots, or requester chests. Logistic robots will then bring the specified items from provider chests or storage chests until the request is met.

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How big is a chunk in Factorio?

A chunk is a unit defined as either an area of the map 32×32 tiles in size (containing 1024 tiles in total) or a distance of 32 tiles.

How many robots can a Roboport hold?

So roboport have 7 slots for robots. I only want to use logistic robots and they also need rest.

When should I use active provider chest?

If you don’t want the contained items to be moved until they are specifically requested, then use the passive provider chest instead. Active provider chests have the highest priority as pick-up points for logistic robots when fulfilling requests.

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