Quick Answer: Who Is Boyd Brothers Logistics?

Boyd Bros. Transportation Inc. is a flatbed truckload carrier that operates throughout the eastern two-thirds of the United States, hauling primarily steel products and building materials. In these markets, Boyd Bros. serves high-volume, time-sensitive shippers that demand time-definite delivery.

Who owns Boyd Bros?

Although Boyd Bros. is a public entity, chairman and founder Dempsey Boyd still owns about 37 percent of the company. His daughter, Gail B. Cooper, is the firm’s president and CEO. In 1956, Dempsey Boyd and his brothers founded Boyd Bros.

Is Boyd Bros a good company?

Looking at Boyd Bros and TMC Boyd is a GREAT company to work for. You go through your new employee training session in the classroom then you go out with a trainer for i think 6-8 weeks (give or take). You go home every other weekend and your trainer goes home every other weekend.

Where is Boyd Brothers Transportation?

Boyd Transportation has full-service terminals in Birmingham, AL, Cincinnati, OH and its home offices in Clayton, AL – as well as service centers in Greenville, MS, Cartersville, GA, and Cofield, NC. From their partners and customers, to their drivers and non-driving staff, one thing is always a part of the Boyd Bros.

How many trucks does Boyd brothers have?

Boyd Bros. operates through two trucking units: Boyd and WTI Transport, which provides regional service in the southeastern US. Overall, the company maintains a fleet of some 1,050 tractors and 1,670 trailers.

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Does Boyd Bros Transportation do hair follicle test?

3 answers. Yes they do required DOT urinalysis test.

Who owns Central Oregon trucking?

Daseke, a group of flatbed and specialized carriers, has acquired Redmond, OR-based Central Oregon Truck Co. In May, Gaffney, S.C.-based J. Grady Randolph Inc. joined Daseke, making the holding company one of the 20 largest flatbed and specialty carriers in North America, Daseke said.

How many trucks does Western Express have?

Dedicated To The Best With one of the largest Van and Flatbed Fleets (combined) in the USA with over 3,000 trucks and over 7,500 trailers., Western Express can meet almost any shipping need, including dry van, flatbed, dedicated fleet, logistics, and expedited truck/rail options.

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