Quick Answer: Where Is Logistics Officer School Usmc?

The Logistics Officer’s Field Exercise is provided by the Logistics Operations School, Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools, Camp Johnson, NC, is a one week event designed to train junior officers on convoy operations, command center operations and combat service support operations.

How long is USMC logistics officer school?

Where do I go after TBS? After TBS, officers must complete the 79 day Logistics Officer Course (LOC) at the Logistics Operations School aboard Camp Johnson, MCB Camp Lejeune, NC.

What is a logistics officer Marine Corps?

A logistics officer is a member of an armed force or coast guard responsible for overseeing the support of an army, air force, marine corps, navy or coast guard fleet, both at home and abroad. The responsibilities of Logistics Officers vary, depending on where they are deployed and what tasks they are assigned.

How much do marine logistics officers make?

US Marine Corps Salary FAQs The average salary for a Logistics Officer is $85,503 per year in United States, which is 0% higher than the average US Marine Corps salary of $85,315 per year for this job.

Where can supply Marines get stationed?

5 Marine Corps Bases You’re Most Likely To Get Stationed At

  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Photo from the official Camp Lejeune facebook page.
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. Photo from the official Camp Pendleton facebook page.
  • Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Photo by Sgt.
  • Marine Corps Base Okinawa.
  • Marine Corps Base Quantico.
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What is Camp Lejeune address?

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune 812 Holcomb Blvd Camp Lejeune, NC Government Offices US – MapQuest.

What MOS is at Camp Johnson?

Johnson is a satellite camp of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina and home to the Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS), where various support military occupational specialties such as administration, supply, logistics, finance, Navy corpsman and motor transport maintenance

How long is USMC Combat Support School?

Marine Combat Training (MCT) is located at the School of Infantry (SOI) at Camp Pendleton, California and Camp Geiger, North Carolina. MCT is a basic infantry training condensed into 29 days.

Where are Marine MOS schools located?

Marines with a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) of infantry are trained at the Infantry Training Battalion (ITB), while all non-infantry Marines are trained at the Marine Combat Training Battalion (MCT). There are two Schools of Infantry: Camp Geiger located in North Carolina and Camp Pendleton in California.

What rank is logistics officer?

Qualified civilians and former service members may now apply for direct appointment as a logistics officer in the U.S. Army’s Logistics Branch for the rank of Captain through Colonel, depending on a thorough review and calculation of relevant education, training, certifications, and work experience.

What does a logistics officer do?

Logistic Officers serve in a branch of the Armed Forces or the Coast Guard and oversee the entire supply chain, from ordering and warehousing to delivering materials to military bases and outposts.

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