Quick Answer: What Is Sandbox Logistics?

SandBox Logistics provides an innovative new approach to proppant storage, handling and well-site delivery. At SandBox, we are dedicated to making proppant logistics cleaner, safer and more efficient in every major basin and shale play.

What is a SandBox driver?

Welcome to SandBox Transportation! SandBox Transportation is the most unique and efficient logistics process in the oilfield industry today. Through our patented process, SandBox drivers can expect to deliver each load without waiting onsite for more than 5 minutes, and without ever getting out of the truck.

What is a SandBox in fracking?

The SandBox solution will: SandBox’s process eliminates the need for multiple frac sand transfer points so the silica particles stay “inside the box,” rather than being released into the air at the well site.

How much frac sand can a truck carry?

A typical pneumatic frac-sand truck trailer can transport up to 24 tons of sand; bottom-dump trailers (which have been gaining in popularity) can move up to 27 tons.

How much do SandBox owner operators make?

SandBox Logistics Salary FAQs The average salary for an Owner Operator is $74,460 per year in United States, which is 54% lower than the average SandBox Logistics salary of $163,441 per year for this job.

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What is sand box in Korea?

The South Korean Financial Services Commission (FSC) has announced plans to launch a digital sandbox to test new fintech products and services under development. The use of a digital sandbox will enable fintech service providers to trial their new products on the market, while consumers can find new services.

What is frac sand?

Frac sand is a type of sand with small, uniform particles. It is injected into the rock formation along with the water used to fracture the rock in the process known as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). The sand is used to prop open the fractures that are created.

What is proppant and what is the use of it?

Introduction. Proppant is used to keep the fractures open after the frac job is complete. Proppant provides a high-conductivity pathway for hydrocarbons to flow from the reservoir to the well. After the frac job is completed, proppant prevents the fractures from closing due to overburden pressure.

How do you transport frac sand?

The transport of silica sand may involve several modes. Where facilities are not co-located, trucks transport sand from mines to processing plants and intermodal shipping facilities. From there, trains or barges ship the sand long distances. Processed sand is generally shipped to the end user via rail.

What kind of truck do you need to haul frac sand?

A newer technology being employed by freight companies are sandbox containers that can be placed on a flatbed trailer and driven to well sites. “Pneumatic trucks take a little more training, but sandbox trucks, all you need is a CDL,” Sizer said.

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What does a frac sand hauler do?

Frac sand hauling jobs involve the transport of material from a fracking site to storage silos and processing facilities. For example, as a frac sand hauler or driver, your job duties include working to load and haul sand using a truck and pneumatic trailer that keeps moisture from contaminating the sand.

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