Question: Which Organization Is The Global Cluster Lead For The Logistics Cluster?

Because of its expertise in humanitarian logistics and its field capacity, the World Food Programme (WFP) was chosen by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) as the lead agency of the Logistics Cluster. WFP hosts the Global Logistics Cluster support team in its headquarters in Rome.

Which organization is the global cluster lead?

Leadership. UNHCR is the Global Cluster Lead Agency for Protection. In this capacity UNHCR has the responsibility to lead and coordinate other United Nations agencies, inter-governmental organisations and Non-governmental organisations participating in the GPC.

What is the role of the logistics cluster?

The Logistics Cluster provides coordination and Information Management to support operational decision-making and improve the predictability, timeliness and efficiency of the humanitarian emergency response. Where necessary, the Logistics Cluster also facilitates access to common logistics services.

What are the UN clusters?

The UN describes them: “Clusters are groups of humanitarian organizations, both UN and non-UN, in each of the main sectors of humanitarian action, e.g. water, health and logistics. They are designated by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) and have clear responsibilities for coordination.”

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What are the three principles of the cluster approach?

Three sets of principles underlie the Cluster approach and are expected to be adhered to by all Clusters and Cluster partners: Humanitarian principles; Principles of partnership; Accountability to affected populations.

What is a cluster leader?

Cluster management is a management model that fosters decentralization of management, develops leadership potential of staff, and creates ownership of unit-based goals. Clusters are groups of not more than five or six staff members, facilitated by a cluster leader.

What is a cluster lead agency?

❑ A “cluster lead” is an agency/organization that formally commits to take on a leadership role. within the international humanitarian community in a particular sector/area of activity, to ensure adequate response and high standards of predictability, accountability & partnership.

What are the responsibilities of the Global Logistics Cluster lead?

The Global Logistics Cluster lead’s role is to facilitate these joint ventures, both at global and field level, as to ensure system-wide preparedness and technical capacity to respond to humanitarian emergencies.

Which of the following statements best describes humanitarian logistics?

Which of the following statements best describes humanitarian logistics? The delivery of the appropriate relief supplies, in good condition, at the time and place in which they are needed following a needs assessment of the affected population.

What is the appropriate involvement of military in assessments?

What is the appropriate involvement of military in assessments? Conducts assessments to determine its operational needs to execute FDR mission. Upon request, assists affected state and humanitarian organizations by providing transport.

What is the global protection cluster?

Description. The Global Protection Cluster is a network of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), international organizations and United Nations (UN) agencies, engaged in protection work in humanitarian crises including armed conflict, climate change related and natural disaster.

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Which agency is responsible for inter cluster coordination?

They are designated by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) and have clear responsibilities for coordination.

What is the first cluster?

The first commercial clustering product was ARCnet, developed by Datapoint in 1977.

What do you mean by cluster approach?

The Cluster Approach is used for coordinating in non-refugee humanitarian emergencies. Humanitarian organisations have agreed to lead certain clusters at global level (see the chart), and have defined a cluster structure for non-refugee humanitarian responses at country level.

What are the two main criteria for cluster activation?

The criteria for cluster activation are met when:

  • Response and coordination gaps exist due to a sharp deterioration or significant change in the humanitarian situation.
  • Existing national response or coordination capacity is unable to meet needs in a manner that respects humanitarian principles.

What is cluster based approach?

A cluster-based development approach involves collaborative actions by groups of companies, governments, and other related institutions to improve the competitiveness of a group of interlinked economic activities in a specific geographic region (Ketels and Memedovic 2008).

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