Question: What Does Dsc Logistics Starting Salary?

DSC Logistics Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job Title Range Average
Shipping and Receiving Clerk Range:$11 – $18 (Estimated *) Average:$14
Data Analyst Range:$12 – $23 (Estimated *) Average:$17
Inventory Control Specialist Range:$13 – $21 (Estimated *) Average:$16
Logistics Specialist Range:$17 – $28 (Estimated *) Average:$22

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What is the salary for DSC?

Average annual salary in Dsc is INR 6.6 lakhs.

Does DSC Logistics pay weekly?

3 answers. You get paid bi-weekly.

How much does a career in logistics make?

How Much Does a Logistician Make? Logisticians made a median salary of $74,750 in 2019. The best-paid 25 percent made $96,240 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $57,080.

What is the highest salary in logistics?

6 high-paying logistics and supply chain jobs to watch

  • Logistician. Average Annual Salary: $74,750.
  • Purchasing Manager. Average Annual Salary: $121,110.
  • Logistics Engineer. Average Annual Salary: $71,000.
  • Fleet Manager. Average Annual Salary: $60,849.
  • Demand Planning Analyst.
  • Distribution Center Manager.

What is full form of DSC in army?

The organisation functioned directly under the Ministry of Defence till 16 Aug 1958 when it was re-designated as ” Defence Security Corps (DSC)” vide AO 483/58 and placed under the Defence Security Corps Directorate, General Staff Branch, Army Headquarters for command and control.

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Can only be used to encrypt a document it is popularly used in the tender portal to help companies encrypt the documents and upload?

Encrypt DSC can only be used to encrypt a document, it is popularly used in the tender portal, to help companies encrypt the documents and upload. You could also use the certificate to encrypt and send classified information.

How much is the salary of a logistic manager?

How much does a Logistics Manager make in the United States? The average Logistics Manager salary in the United States is $116,105 as of September 27, 2021, but the range typically falls between $102,733 and $128,545.

What degree is best for logistics?

A bachelor’s in business administration degree program that includes a concentration in logistics may be considered a logistics degree, as can degrees in areas like supply chain management, logistics management transportation, systems engineering and other areas of study.

Do logistics jobs pay well?

Transportation logistics specialists do a lot to make logistics and supply chain management easier, but they don’t make as much as other supply chain professionals. According to, the average transportation logistics specialist salary falls somewhere between $37,000 and $46,000; PayScale reports $47,000.

What is the best job in logistics?

Top high-paying logistics jobs to pursue

  • Commodity manager.
  • Management analyst.
  • Configuration manager.
  • Supply chain manager.
  • Director of operations.
  • Sourcing manager.
  • Chief operating officer. National average salary: $119,603 per year.
  • Vice president of supply chain. National average salary: $193,500 per year.

Is logistics a good paying job?

With a relevant logistics degree, the professional operations specialist can expect to demand a starting salary of $74,000 or more per year, with a strong foundation for their own independent consulting enterprise down the road.

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