Often asked: What Is A Logistics Tracking Problem?

Logistics tracking refers to the methods and systems used for tracking resources throughout their movement and storage. With logistics tracking you’ll know where your products, materials, or other resources are physically located at any time, as well as what is scheduled.

What is a logistic dispute?

Contract & Supply Chain Dispute Possible areas of logistics dispute can include: Disagreements over the cost of an operational change. Interpretation of wording within the contractual agreement. Cost of failing to adhere to contractual obligations resulting in a financial claim.

What does logistics delay mean AliExpress?

It means that goods are waiting to be shipped for a long time and then shipped via the slowest shipping service. At the opening of the dispute, the administration of “AliExpress” will offer within 7 days to provide you with documents confirming seller’s fault in the customs delay of the goods.

How do I open a logistics dispute on AliExpress?

To open a dispute, log in to AliExpress and go to “My Orders”. Here you will see the details on all your AliExpress orders. The button “Open Dispute” will to the right of the product’s name. It’s available for both open and finished orders.

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Why hasn’t my AliExpress order arrived?

There might be several reasons: the overweight of the package, the incorrect contact information, or the seller specified a high price. Usually, the package is eventually sent to your local post office and you get it. Again, extend your Buyer Protection time!

When should you open a dispute?

Generally the option to open a dispute will become available on the 11th day after seller has sent out the goods, until to the 15th day after delivery time is over or you confirmed the receipt.

How does AliExpress refund work?

When the seller approves your refund, you can send the tracking number of the package to AliExpress, and you will get your refund automatically. If you want to return any product, you should make sure it’s undamaged, unwashed, and in the original packaging.

What is logistics delay?

That accumulated time during which maintenance cannot be carried out due to the necessity to acquire maintenance resources, excluding any administrative delay.

Why does shipping from China take so long?

What takes so long to get here from China are small parcels mailed under a program that allows certain depressed nations (of which China qualified for) at reduced rates that are often less than what you could mail a small package for domestically. However, that mail is not being loaded on the next available plane.

How long does it take for AliExpress to deliver?

It depends on which option you choose. Packages that are sent with AliExpress Standard Shipping usually take 15 to 45 working days, whereas Aliexpress Premium Shipping will provide an estimated delivery time from 7 to 15 working days.

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How long do disputes take on AliExpress?

After submitting the Open Dispute form, the seller has 15 days to respond and try to reach an agreement with you. If no agreement is reached within the 15-day time period, the dispute automatically becomes a claim (see file a claim). Claims are reviewed and mediated by the AliExpress Case Management Team.

How many disputes can you have on AliExpress?

You can submit refund requests up to 15 days after your order has been completed. You can do this by opening a dispute in the order details page. Please note that you can only open one dispute per order. If you agreed with the seller to return your item, please also check the seller’s shipping terms.

When should I open dispute on AliExpress?

1. The Buyer Protection period may be over. You can open a dispute on the 11th day after seller has sent out your order and within 15 days of the order’s completion. If the Buyer Protection period is over, please contact seller, negotiate with seller to reach an agreement.

What happens when AliExpress seller doesn’t ship item?

If the shipment is not completed in the required time on the order page, AliExpress will close the order and return all the funds to you. Please contact the sellers if they refuse to cancel your order as the cancellation might cause losses to the seller while he/she is preparing the shipment.

Does AliExpress refund if product is not received?

*What is ‘Full refund if product isn’t received within the stated delivery time’? Sellers on AliExpress set the delivery time period (anything up to a maximum of 60 days). If a buyer shows that they did not receive their purchase within this stated delivery time, the seller will give a full refund.

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Why does AliExpress take so long to process an order?

The Order Processing and Delivery Time on AliExpress. Most of the customers know that the delivery term on AliExpress may vary between 25 and 45 days. Firstly, AliExpress gives them from 3 to 10 days to do it. And secondly, the products are usually stored in the warehouses, and the seller needs more time to ship them.

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