Often asked: What Is A Logistics Package Logpac?

A logistics package (LOGPAC) is a grouping of multiple classes of. supply and supply vehicles under the control of a single convoy. commander. Daily LOGPACs contain a standardized allocation of. supplies.

What is a logistics release point?

A logistics release point (LRP) is the point along the supply route where the supported unit meets the supporting unit to transfer supplies. Likely functions performed at the LRP are: Synchronization. Load adjustment and cargo diversion.

What is a forward logistics element?

FM 101-5-1, Operational Terms and Graphics, defines a forward logistics element as: A multifunctional forward logistics element task-organized to support fast moving offensive operations, early phases of contingency operations, and units geographically separated from the normal support channels.

What is supply point distribution?

In supply point distribution, the supplying unit issues supplies from a supply point to a receiving unit. The receiving unit must go to the supply point and use its own transportation in moving the supplies to its area.

Who in the platoon is responsible for all sustainment?

Sustainment is the commander’s responsibility. Both the ACR and separate brigade conduct independent operations which stress mobility. To support these operations, the MI company is 100 percent mobile with organic assets. It is capable of conducting sustainment operations using organic assets.

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What is a Logpac?

A logistics package (LOGPAC) is a grouping of multiple classes of. supply and supply vehicles under the control of a single convoy. commander. Daily LOGPACs contain a standardized allocation of. supplies.

What is a Ctcp army?

CPT Andrew Cairns/CPT Jacob Dellinger. Support for reconnaissance operations is the inherent responsibility of the combat trains command post (CTCP). The CTCP is charged with maintaining the momentum of the operation through supporting the maneuver plan.

What is forward and reverse logistics?

Forward logistics are used to manage the forward movement of goods as they transition from raw materials to end-consumers. Reverse logistics refer to moving products and materials back into the supply chain post-delivery.

What does FLE stand for Army?

Brigade combat team (BCT) forward logistics element (FLE) operations in the offense are a team effort that incorporates all elements from every battalion task force in the BCT. Employing a FLE is a proven method for displacing a brigade support area (BSA) while providing continuous and uninterrupted support to the BCT.

What is an AXP Army?

ambulance exchange point. A location where a patient is transferred from one ambulance to another en route to a medical treatment facility. This may be an established point in an ambulance shuttle or it may be designated independently. Also called AXP.

What are the five Army command relationships?

There are five Army command relationships: organic, assigned, attached, operational control (OPCON), and tactical control (TACON).

What are the 10 classes of supply Army?

Army Classes of Supply: Cheat Sheet

  • Class I – Food, Rations, and Water.
  • Class II – Clothing.
  • Class III – Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants.
  • Class IV – Fortification and Barrier Materials.
  • Class V – Ammunition.
  • Class VI – Personal Items.
  • Class VII – Major End Items.
  • Class VIII – Medical Supplies, Minimal Amounts.
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What are the duties of a platoon leader?

The platoon leader is responsible for planning patrol routes, assigning tasks, and positioning and employing the Soldiers under his command. The platoon leader and the platoon sergeant, along with the radiotelephone operator, make up the headquarters section of the platoon.

What does a maintenance platoon leader do?

The maintenance platoon leader is responsible for controlling and directing the accomplishment of the platoon’s mission. He is responsible for the readiness of the platoon’s personnel and equipment. He is also is responsible for maintaining the health, welfare, and morale of platoon personnel.

What does a maintenance control officer do?

This means that they conduct inspections, log repairs, and communicate with pilots and dispatch crew about the status of an aircraft. If repairs are needed, the maintenance controller orders any necessary parts and supervises the repair crew in addition to getting their hands dirty and helping with repairs themselves.

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