Often asked: What Are All The Edi Transction Codes For Logistics?

EDI Codes for Transportation or Logistics Documents

  • EDI 204 – Motor Carrier Load Tender.
  • EDI 211 – Motor Carrier Bill of Landing.
  • EDI 214 – Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message.
  • EDI 315 – Status Details (Ocean)
  • EDI 753 – Request for Routing Instructions.
  • EDI 754 – Routing Instructions.

What are the types of EDI transactions?

7 Common EDI Transactions

  • EDI 856: Ship Notice/Manifest.
  • EDI 810: Invoice.
  • EDI 850: Purchase Order.
  • EDI 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 820: Payment Order/Remittance Advice.
  • EDI 997: Functional Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 940: Warehouse Shipping Order.

What are the EDI numbers?

Common EDI Transactions, Sets, & Codes

  • EDI 102 – Associated Data.
  • EDI 242 – Data Status Tracking.
  • EDI 815 – Cryptographic Service Message.
  • EDI 864 – Text Message.
  • EDI 868 – Electronic Form Structure.
  • EDI 993 – Secured Receipt or Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 997 – Functional Acknowledgment.
  • EDI 999 – Implementation Acknowledgment.

What is code list in EDI?

Code List Tables are used by EDI standards as repositories for lists of codes. Each EDI standard provides a code list for each element that can be further defined with a code. Sterling Gentran:Server® allows you to load code lists from the standard.

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What are EDI transaction sets?

EDI transaction sets (also known as EDI transaction codes) are the shortcuts used by electronic data interchange (EDI) users in order to ease the process of data transactions. There are countless EDI transaction codes that directly relate to specific types of business documents in a variety of industries.

What is an 810 EDI transaction?

The EDI 810 Invoice transaction set is an electronic version of the traditional paper invoice. Usually an EDI 810 document is sent in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order document, to request payment once the goods specified in the PO are shipped.

What is an EDI 850?

An EDI 850 is a type of electronic data interchange transaction set that contains details about an order. Also known as an electronic purchase order, an EDI 850 is usually sent to a vendor as the first step in the ordering process.

What is a 270 transaction?

The 270 Transaction Set is used to transmit Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiries from health care providers, insurers, clearinghouses and other health care adjudication processors. The 270 Transaction Set can be used to make an inquiry about the Medicare eligibility of an individual.

What is an EDI transaction 860?

The EDI 860 transaction set represents the electronic Purchase Order Change Request. It is used by buyers to request a change to a purchase order (EDI 850) they previously submitted. The 860 may also be used by buyers to confirm their acceptance of changes to purchase orders made by the sellers.

What is an 855 EDI?

An EDI 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgement is an EDI transaction set normally sent by a seller to a buyer in response to an EDI 850 Purchase Order. In addition to confirming the receipt of a new order, the document tells the buyer if the purchase order was accepted, required changes, or was rejected.

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What is a 997 transaction in EDI?

The EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgment is sent as a response to other EDI transactions received. An EDI 997 serves as a receipt to acknowledge that an EDI transaction, or a series of transactions, was successfully transmitted and received by the receiving trading partner.

What is a 204 EDI?

EDI 204, also known as Motor Carrier Load Tender, is an electronic data interchange document used by shippers to offer, or tender, a truckload or less than truckload shipment to a carrier. A shipper can be a manufacturer, a distribution center, a retailer, or anyone else wishing to ship goods.

What is an EDI 315?

EDI 315, also known as a Status Details (Ocean) document, is an EDI transaction set used by ocean carriers to update shippers and receivers about a shipment. This document can inform trading partners about specific events in the shipping cycle and can be used for a single shipment or container.

What is an EDI 840?

An EDI 840 Request for Quotation is used to help buyers to initiate a quotation request for the price, schedule of delivery, and any other items to sellers of specific goods and services.

What is an EDI 856?

The EDI 856 transaction is often referred to as the EDI Advanced Shipping Notice (EDI ASN) It is used to electronically communicate the contents of a shipment to a trading partner and is most often used in the retail, manufacturing, and automotive industries.

What is a 940 EDI?

EDI 940, also known as a Warehouse Shipping Order, is an electronic data interchange transaction set commonly sent by sellers/suppliers to third-party logistics providers (3PLs). It acts as a formal request for shipment of goods from a remote warehouse to a buyer’s location.

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