FAQ: What Does Coyote Logistics Do?

Coyote Logistics is a leading global third-party logistics provider that matches more than 10,000 shipments every day. Founded in 2006, Coyote was created with one goal in mind: create a better service experience in the transportation industry.

Is Coyote Logistics a good place to work?

A good place to work. Flexible with hours and personal time. Lots of room to grow in the company and a very relaxed enviroment that still promote productivity as it does fun. Despite this Coyote is very bad at teaching and training staff and handling information.

Is Coyote Logistics part of UPS?

UPS (NYSE:UPS) today completed the closing of the acquisition of Coyote Logistics, a technology-driven, non-asset based truckload freight brokerage company. Coyote will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS under the leadership of CEO Jeff Silver.

What kind of company is Coyote?

Coyote is a third-party logistics firm that provides freight transportation and intermodal brokerage services.

Is Coyote Logistics a broker?

Coyote Logistics (“Coyote”) is a freight brokerage company operating in the third-party logistics industry. As a freight broker, Coyote functions as a middleman pairing trucking companies (carriers) that own fleets of trucks with manufacturing and distribution companies (customers) that need to ship their products.

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Is CH Robinson a good company to work for?

Robinson Worldwide give their company a 3.4 rating out of 5.0 – which is 14% lower than the average rating for all companies on CareerBliss. The happiest C.H. Robinson Worldwide employees are Transportation Sales Representatives submitting an average rating of 4.4 and Account Managers with a rating of 2.6.

Why did UPS buy Coyote Logistics?

The deal is intended to help bolster UPS’s presence in the freight brokerage business, which is expected to help the delivery company become more efficient in using its fleet of familiar brown trucks. Coyote, which contracts with more than 35,000 trucking companies, garnered $2.1 billion in sales last year.

When did UPS buy Coyote Logistics?

UPS purchased Chicago-based Coyote in July 2015 in the largest acquisition in its 111-year history.

Does Coyote work with new carriers?

Coyote works with carriers across all modes. In addition to full truckloads, we offer carriers many different options. Sometimes shippers do not have enough freight to completely fill your truck, or a less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment.

What is Coyote Logistics MC number?

USDOT Number: 2236410. State Carrier ID Number: MC/MX/FF Number(s): MC-561135.

How much did Coyote Logistics sell?

Atlanta and Chicago – July 31, 2015 – UPS (NYSE:UPS) has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Coyote Logistics, a technology-driven, non-asset based truckload freight brokerage company for $1.8 billion from Warburg Pincus.

Who are Coyote Logistics competitors?

Coyote Logistics competitors include C.H. Robinson, IntegraCore, Echo Global Logistics and Onus.

Are coyotes endangered?

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Who owned Coyote Logistics?

Coyote Logistics, which coordinates freight movements, was acquired by UPS in 2015 for $1.8 billion. At Coyote, Silver spent more than a decade refining the company’s sales strategy in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, experience that has now helped define the mission of Forager.

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