FAQ: How Much Does A Logistics Coordinator Make?

What Is the Average Logistics Coordinator Salary by State

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Arkansas $32,623 $2,719
Michigan $32,604 $2,717
Mississippi $32,588 $2,716
Illinois $32,446 $2,704


Is logistics coordinator a good job?

If you’re looking to break into a dynamic industry, logistics coordinator may be the job opportunity you’re looking for. This role offers plenty of room to develop new skills, advance to the next level and move into other specializations.

What does it mean to be a logistics coordinator?

A Logistics Coordinator facilitates communication between production, sales and distribution stages to promote a healthy and efficient supply chain. Their responsibilities often include: Coordinating transportation providers to ensure prompt and proper movement of shipments. Managing distribution and shipment budgets.

How much does a logistics coordinator make at Amazon?

Amazon Salary FAQs The average salary for a Logistics Coordinator is $46,383 per year in United States, which is 11% higher than the average Amazon salary of $41,587 per year for this job.

What are the duties and responsibilities of logistics?

Logistics Job Duties: Plan warehouses and distribution centres for efficiency in both operations and capacity. Organise transportation activities, including storage of goods, managing information accrued from point of origin to delivery, orchestrating transportation movements, and arranging for services as necessary.

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Is working in logistics stressful?

It’s a high-pressure job Be reliable and accountable, and you can find your way to a promotion up the ladder and out of the more stressful entry-level positions.

What are the duties of logistics coordinator?

Logistics Coordinator Job Duties:

  • Facilitate the shipping of products from one destination to another.
  • Arrange transportation, schedule staff, and orchestrate deliveries to meet customer demand with little to no delay.
  • Receives products and coordinates delivery.
  • Prepares loads for shipment.

What do you need to become a logistics coordinator?

How to become a Logistics Coordinator

  1. Complete a Diploma of Logistics (TLI50415) or equivalent Supply Chain Management qualification.
  2. Hold a current driver’s licence.
  3. Hold a current forklift licence.
  4. Consider obtaining your Dangerous Goods licence.

Is logistics a good paying job?

With a relevant logistics degree, the professional operations specialist can expect to demand a starting salary of $74,000 or more per year, with a strong foundation for their own independent consulting enterprise down the road.

How much does a logistics manager earn in Australia?

The average logistics manager salary in Australia is $117,305 per year or $60.16 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $88,138 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $144,422 per year.

Is logistics a good career choice in Malaysia?

Unlike law, arts or medicine, students are likely to look over logistics as a career option. Logistics is a pretty lucrative industry, and you will find it to be true as you climb up the corporate ladder in this field. The longer you serve in this industry, the higher your value becomes.

What is a logistic job description?

Logistics Job Duties and Responsibilities Order, track, and report inventory and deliveries. Manage third-party warehouse inventory. Respond to shipping complaints, lost items, damages. Coordinate all shipments for all locations. Follow schedules of product distribution.

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