FAQ: How Many Logistics Bots Factorio?

Generally, a roboport can charge between 50 and 70 bots per min, 4 at a time, but are not very efficient at charging large queues of bots and can quickly become overworked. When the charging-queue for the bots gets too long, the bots (and their loads) will slow down.

How many bots can you have Factorio?

As many as you need. For most tasks, 3000 (active logistic bots under normal circumstances) is too many. More than that, and you should split the network up.

How many logistic robots are there?

Logistics robots experienced robust growth in 2017 with 69,000 units installed – a 162% increase over 2016, according to the International Federation of Robotics World Robotics 2018 Service Robots report.

How many robots does Roboport Factorio have?

So roboport have 7 slots for robots.

What do logistics robots do Factorio?

Logistic robots take items on the way to chests into consideration when trying to keep separate chests for separate items.

How big is a chunk in Factorio?

A chunk is a unit defined as either an area of the map 32×32 tiles in size (containing 1024 tiles in total) or a distance of 32 tiles.

What do radars do Factorio?

The radar triggers charting of the map of the force it belongs to. It can be used to provide a small area of remote vision on the map; it also allows periodic scanning of distant chunks around it.

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Are there boats in Factorio?

The Ships are remodelled cargo wagons pushed by invisible locomotives (ship engine). Automatic routes can be set when selecting the ship engine.

How do construction bots work Factorio?

Construction robots when used by the player will take primarily from the player’s inventory, then the hotbar. Construction robots will check if their target is still in the network area when they return to personal roboport for charging.

What is a mall Factorio?

A Mall is a ‘shopping’ precinct within your Factorio world when your character can go to get goodies that have been created by assemblers and stored in chests, just for the player.

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